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SD1 Project Ideas for the Year

August 29, 2012

     My expectations for this class are fairly simple, to learn a basic form of coding as a foundation for me to go off of. The reason I want this is that I’ve wanted to learn to code for a long time so I might be able to assist in coding on my server aswell as perhaps later make a living off of it. Other than an effective learning enviroment and helpful teaching I don’t really expect too much from here. I will be practicing on my own as well as in the class so hopefully I can create some pretty impresive things throughout the year.

     Personally I’d like to get a little practice in creating Team Fortress 2 plugins. I already have a bit of experience in that (like modifying a plugin or two) but nothing too substantial. I dont know if we would have the chance to create plugins for such a thing as the primary method for coding these is either Notepad++ or C++ (C++ on very rare occasions). There are many things that go into plugins for TF2 aswell which is why I belive it would be interesting, namely dependencies.  One of the issues that may arise from making TF2 plugins is that there are hard coded limits made into the engine itself, however there is still quite a bit that can be done. As for any specific plugin ideas, they are more “as needed or by popular demand” kinds of things.

     I would love to learn some C++ and Notepad++ for the reasons mentioned above but really any sort of programming foundation would be nice. Besides that, learning the basics of programming in a few more advanced engines would be nice to have aswell. Other than that there isn’t a ton else I could ask or wish for from a begginner class.

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